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Mobile Interior Deep Cleaning

Revive your interior with this highly sought-after interior shampooing service!

Mobile interior deep cleaning serving westchester county and Connecticut

Mobile ceramic coating and window tints Interior Shampoo service is the ultimate solution to eliminate stubborn stains on your carpets and fabric seats. Our professional detailers utilize an interior scrubber and water extractor to ensure a thorough deep-cleaning process.

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Mobile Interior Deep Cleaning servicing Westchester, Connecticut and more

Mobile Interior detail

When it comes to Interior Shampooing, our goal is to penetrate deep into the surface you're cleaning and loosen up all the dirt and contaminants. This allows our Extraction process to effortlessly pull them out from the deep fibers of your carpets or upholstered seats. By successfully completing this process, we can get rid of all the dirt, stains, sweat, and any other unwanted substances hiding in these surfaces! With our shampoo and extraction process, you can trust that we'll leave no harmful residues or chemicals behind.

Interior Detail Level 1

This is our level 1 interior detail we will make your car look like new our level 1 does not remove stains check out our level 2 interior shampoo and stain extraction detail.

  • Deep interior vacuum

  • Floor vacuum and brushed

  • Weather mat cleaned

  • Seat cleaning and brushing

  • Steam cleaning of interior and air vents

  • Carpet cleaning and brushing

  • Window cleaning

  • Interior plastic and vinyl cleaning

  • Interior vinyl and plastic protection added

  • Leather cleaned and condition


Shampoo & Extraction Detail Level 2

For vehicles that suffer from smoke odor, mildew odor, heavily stained fabric seats, or any other unpleasant smells, stains and pet hair we strongly suggest opting for this package. This will leave your car looking like it just came out the dealership

  • Deep interior vacuum

  • Floor vacuum

  • Floor shampoo and extraction

  • weather mat vacuum

  • Weather mat shampoo and extraction

  • Seat vacuum and brushing

  • Seat Shampoo and extraction(stain removal)

  • Steam cleaning of interior and air vents

  • Window cleaning

  • Interior vinyl and plastic cleaning

  • vinyl and plastic UV protection

  • Leather cleaned and condition

How often should I clean the interior of my car?

Having a clean car interior can benefit your safety and comfort. Scheduling regular cleanings can help ensure your car stays in the best working order. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you perform a basic cleaning on your vehicle's interior at least once per month, with a more thorough deep cleaning seasonally.

Monthly cleanings usually require a quick vacuum throughout the carpets and upholstery, wiping down surfaces such as your dashboard and vent screens, and cleaning out cupholders and other areas with crumbs or smudges. Seasonal cleanings are more in-depth; this is when you would get around to washing the floor mats and scrubbing seats if needed. This will also allow you to check for any hidden damages or wear-and-tear that may need attention from a mechanic or professional detailer. Of course, depending on how often you use your vehicle and what activities occur inside, and any stubborn spots that appear, it may require more frequent care than mentioned above, so assessing your needs is important.

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