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Mobile Exterior Ceramic detail

Revive your exterior with this highly sought-after Exterior detail service!

Mobile exterior detail serving westchester and Connecticut

To ensure the utmost cleanliness of your exterior surfaces, our exterior detailing services were specifically designed. By removing contamination, we provide a layer of protection against salt, snow, road grime, UV rays, and chemicals, while simultaneously enhancing the ceramic shine. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of high-end sealants and coatings.

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Yonker car chrome delete
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Mobile Exterior Detail servicing Westchester, Connecticut and more

Mobile Exterior Detail

Ceramic spray wax is a coating that does not wash away or wear off as quickly as traditional Carnauba wax, meaning it does not need to be reapplied as often. You can, however, reapply and ”STACK” the coating creating an even stronger barrier against the elements. It creates a layer of protection over your vehicle and is more chemical resistant than standard wax.

Ceramic coatings will initially be more expensive. However, a ceramic spray wax will offer more UV protection, be chemical resistant, and will last longer. Conventional waxes and sealants will typically protect your vehicle for about a week or two, but ceramic spray waxes will protect for months at a time.

Mobile Exterior Detail

With our package, you can trust that your vehicle's exterior paint and wheels will be thoroughly and safely cleaned and protected. To ensure long-lasting shine and resistance against the elements, We will apply our premium protection. Below you can choose your level of protection

Ceramic coating protection duration and options

  • Car waxing

  • 6-8 months ceramic coating

  • 14-16 Months ceramic coating

  • 3+ Year  ceramic coating

  • 5+ Year ceramic coating

  • 9+ Years Graphene ceramic coating

All Ceramic Coating comes with 1 step paint correction to ensure the paint is in its best condition before we seal and protect it.

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Protect Your Paint

The act of driving your car exposes its paint to a range of contaminants that can potentially harm it. By applying ceramic coating, you create a robust and protective layer on your car's body that effectively prevents any foreign substances from causing damage. This coating is highly durable and can withstand a considerable amount of damage without any visible effects, such as fading, oxidation, or chemical staining. Additionally, ceramic coating offers protection against harmful UV rays, which can lead to oxidation. This feature is particularly beneficial if you frequently park your car outdoors.

Keep Your Car Cleaner

The ceramic coating's hard surface ensures that dirt or debris effortlessly slides off, instead of becoming trapped in the small crevices of your vehicle's exterior. As a result, your car remains cleaner for longer, and even when it does require cleaning, the process is significantly quicker than usual.

Looks Great

The sight of a sparkling new car is universally appealing. Through the use of ceramic coating, your vehicle's surface is not only safeguarded but also gains a mesmerizing, candy-like shine that is sure to captivate onlookers. This coating enhances the beauty of your car's initial paint job, restoring its appearance to the time when you first experienced the joy of driving it!

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